A downloadable table top-like

Candy King a Ding Ding

Make References.  Score Points.  Get Inebriated!

A Candy King a Ding Ding takes place when a player reaches 10 points.

Not a downloadable game (however any audio/video software allows for internet play with friends, compatible with any).


2 or more inebriated adults.

Lots more inebriating substances.

10 coins, cards, sticks, pens, candies, random objects to keep score.


Get a lot of whatever inebriates you. Get some friends. Sit down and start inebriating.


Play begins with Inebriation. During Inebriating and while Inebriated, players take turns making references. Players determine an order in which to take Turns.

Some orders might be: oldest to youngest, dumbest to smartest, or most bearded (alternate: biggest anus bush).

Each player must take a Turn before another player repeats a Turn.

The chosen player makes reference to something. It can be a movie's scene or a well delivered line, inside stories or jokes, or memes. This is the Reference.

Relevant Rule: The first player to make Reference decides the topic at hand by making the first reference. This is also how Unannounced Candy King a Ding Ding is initiated.

Also, don't Reference memes. That's just fucking stupid. I put that as a trap for you, so if you're thinking about doing memes, fucking don't, ok?

After each reference, all other players decide if the Reference deserve a point. This is Scoring.

Alternate play method: The first player decides if the Reference deserves a point.

After Scoring, the person who made the Reference can attempt to attribute the Reference to it's source, for extra point(s). This is the Attribution.

If the Attribution is pretty spot on, award 1 extra point.

If the Attribution is close, award 0 extra points.

If the Attribution is less than close, award 0 extra points and the player is shunned.

Regional rules: If the Attribution is dead wrong, player cannot join the next Inebriation period. This may be the next round of shots, 10 minutes of beer drinking, next bong sesh, depending on your method of inebriation.

Turn ends at the end of the Attribution.

A Candy King a Ding Ding takes place when a player reaches 10 points. You won, Charlie!